Wednesday, May 12, 2004

WHEN EGOS COLLIDE: Can the coming togther of Noel 'I'l do the fekkin' violiny bits meself, too, then' Gallagher and Ian 'Always spits out cough sweets because he can't hold a tune in his mouth' Brown to "do something" together be anything other than a portent of the end of the world? We were wondering if when they said "something" they might have just meant a good old man-on-man sex session, but... well, that's just too horrible to contemplate. Not that we expect to see any results of the working together, it's going to run into the sand like this:

"What do you mean, you're the fookin' resurrection? I'm the fookin' resurrection."
"I'm the fookin' resurrection, pal - since when did Jesus get his little brother to do his preaching?"
"Yeah? Well, when did Jesus... um, not be in... a band with Ringo Starr's son?"
"Oooh, Noel, when you're angry it's almost as if you have two eyebrows..."
"Kiss me, Ian. Kiss me like you've never kissed a man before..."

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