Monday, June 14, 2004

BUMPING AND GRINDS AS HE REPEATS 'BANGKOK': The whole 'flying Pete Doherty to Thailand' plan turns out to have a serious flaw, as Doherty quits the monastery, hails cab to take him to Bangkok. The monks have issued a statement:

Having entered into the free treatment program at Thamkrabok Monastery in Thailand on Thursday June 10, and having vowed to senior Monks "never to take drugs ever again" upon registration, Peter refused to take even his third dose of medication, and has finally today rejected the sensitive and compassionate care offered by the Nuns and the Monks there.

"Despite insistent and concerned appeals from the Monastery’s officials and even his own mother, he demanded his passport and personal belongings and has fled to a hotel in Bangkok.

"Upon leaving the Monastery, Pete signed a declaration stating that: "Thamkrabok Monastery have done everything they could to help me, but I am just not strong enough for this treatment."

In this increasingly saddening and surreal story, June Brown, off Eastenders, has also issued a statement:

"This is a deeply concerning state of affairs. It’s tragic that he has clearly taken the choice to continue using drugs. I am truly concerned for his mother who must be devastated."

And, of course, Thamkrabok has also got a statement on the go, too:

"Thamkrabok can only help those who truly want to help themselves. The Monastery’s success has been built from treating those who want to stop. If they don’t want to stop, nobody can help them. Without a 100% clear intention of wanting to give up, an addict will always continue to use. We hope people learn from this that Thamkrabok is not an easy route – however for people with clear intention Thamkrabok have the tools they need."

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