Monday, June 14, 2004

MANUFACTURERS OF SMOKEY SAUCE SAID TO BE WATCHING CASE WITH INTEREST: Smokey Robinson is facing legal action over the slogan he chose for his range of Louisiana foods (no, we didn't know he'd turned himself into a Lloyd Grossman brand, either). Johnnty 'Jambalaya' Percle claims Robinson's The Soul is in the Bowl slogan is to close to the Soul in Yo Bowl trademark he uses for his gumbo. Lawyers for SFGL foods, who make Robinson's frozen gumbo (you haven't eaten yet, have you?), are dismissive, as lawyers tend to be:

"I have not personally had an opportunity to review the complaint yet. It doesn't sound like something that has merit."

But then, you'd hardly expect the lawyers to say "Haven't heard of this one, but, bloody hell, he's got a point, hasn't he."

No Rock advises all its patrons to be very careful when purchasing gumbo until this confusion is cleared up.

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