Monday, July 26, 2004

CHAIN WRAPS ROUND BRITAIN: Taking a punt that the joke will still be funny come October, the Goldie Lookin' Chain (who, it strikes us, may well be the Oscars to Polyphonic Spree's Felixes) have booked in a huge UK tour. That they're waiting until the students are back is possibly no surprise.
Cardiff University (October 2)
Reading University (3)
Oxford Brookes University (4)
Norwich Waterfront (6)
Newcastle University (7)
Aberdeen Lemon Tree (8)
Glasgow Garage (9)
Nottingham Rock City (11)
Liverpool Carling Academy (12)
Bangor University (13)
Manchester MDH (15)
Leeds Metropolitan University (16)
Birmingham Carling Academy (17)
Bristol Carling Academy (19)
Exeter Lemon Grove (20)
Portsmouth Pyramids (21)
London Astoria (22)

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