Friday, July 09, 2004

THE DRUGS DON'T WORK: Interesting that in the radio reports about the jail sentences for the drug gang handed out today they mention that amongst the clients of the coke sellers were "several music industry figures." Now, 'music industry people take drugs' is hardly surprising, but it;s a timely reminder of the way the music industry only cares about the law when it suits it. Yesterday, music execs wwew dancing round with joy as a bloke who sold bootlegs was "taken off the streets". But unauthroised concert bootlegs don't have the same ability to ruin people's lives as cocaine addiction does; the sale of bootleg records isn't even indirectly linked to murderous, anti-democratic Colmobian paramilitaries. Isn't it a bit sickening to be lectured on the dangers of a CD of a 1985 Cure gig, or the evils of downloading a long-deleted MP3 of a Shop Assistants single by someone from an industry where everyone, at best turns a blind eye to the coke shoved up many of its nostrils?

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