Tuesday, July 27, 2004

THE GOD OF CHAOS BACKS DOWN IN THE FACE OF THE PRESIDENT: So, after all the fuss about Ozzy choosing to juxtapose Bush and Hitler (the sort of deft political satire seldom seen since Your Mother Wouldn't Like It stopped running on ITV), it turns out Black Sabbath have capitulated any edited it all out. Not because they're afraid that dissing Bush would harm that fifty million bucks Ozzy industry, oh no, no, no. The images have been edited out of the back projections because Bush-with-a-clown's-nose might be "distracting."

That's right. You can't really expect someone to concentrate on something as subtle as Black Sabbath's music if there's images of Bush in the background. Oddly, none of the other images are felt to be equally distracting. Curious.

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