Thursday, July 29, 2004

GRIMLY FIENDISH: Back at the top end of the 90s, Primal Scream used to sell 37% of the tickets to any of their shows to people buying them for the chance they might have been able to say "Yeah, I was at the gig where Bobby Gillespie's heart finally gave out." Now, the generation who curse their luck that they were "too young for Tommy Cooper" are being offered a tantalising chance to see an artist grind to a permanent halt on stage, with Loretta Lynn insisting she's going to push ahead with her tour despite doctor's advice to get some rest. Even her own kids are mentally splitting up the estate on the back of this one, son Ernest saying "I'm not sure mom's going to make it" and wondering if he'll be able to fit that long-case clock from the living room into his condo. The fans - who Loretta says she doesn't want to let down - are even begging her to reconsider. Except the ones, of course, who as kids would pour boiling water down anthills.

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