Friday, July 09, 2004

THE HEART'S FILTHY LESSON: So, it turns out when David Bowie said he was cancelling his dates because of a trapped nerve, things were a lot more serious than that - in fact, he's having to have emergency angioplasty.

They probably had to keep explaining that having your heart chopped about by angioplasty is a lot less unpleasant experience than having your heart mucked about with by Angiebowie. He's had the op, is back in New York and already joking about his near-Jack-Duckworth experience, saying he won't write a song about it.

The official statement, for those of you who like to print such things out and tie to your garden gate, reads:

"British pop legend David Bowie underwent heart surgery in Germany last month prompting him to cancel his European tour. Bowie sought medical treatment after performing at a festival in the north-western German town of Scheesel (June 25) reportedly for a pinched nerve in his shoulder. It was discovered that the 57-year old rocker had an acutely blocked artery requiring emergency surgery (the procedure is known as an angioplasty)."

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