Tuesday, July 27, 2004

JACKSON UPDATE: To a certain extent, Michael Jackson's trial is going to hang a lot on less on if he did or didn't get kids drunk in a bid to touch their cocks, and more on the quality of the witnesses lined up on each side. The prosecution appears to have scored a victory by securing Ann Gabriel, a "Las Vegas based media entrepeneur", who claims to have seen the meltdown after Martin Bashir's documentary first hand. The defence counter that she never even met Jackson, and had been sacked for trying to push herself in front of the TV cameras too often.

Meanwhile, the defence's plea for the trial to be put back until next year starts to sound a little like they're trying to buy Mikey as much time as a free man as possible. Their motion reads like it was written by, well, a Michael Jackson fan rather than a lawyer:

"The scope of the prosecution's investigation is breathtaking. This is not a usual criminal investigation. It is an effort to take down a major celebrity. The expenditure of resources by the prosecution is unprecedented and extravagant."

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