Friday, July 30, 2004

LOVE OVER JAPAN: We're guessing the real reason Courtney Love has been allowed to fly to Japan is because, secretly, America is hoping she won't come back and clog up the legal system any more. Japan's motives for issuing her a visa? We're beating she's being lined up for a guest obstacle on Takeshi's Castle.

Courtney is convinced she's going to be able to stay clean for eighteen months, as ordered by the court:

"I've been clean for a month. I can do this. It's easy. I did it years before."

Yes, but birth to ten years old doesn't really count.


Polco said...

Takeshi's Castle? Is it a Japanese TV program?! Can you see it in Britain?!
I'm amazed! It was broadcasted in 80s in my country and have never seen it since then...

Anyway, I hope she will perfectly play her role as an obstacle.

simon h b said...

We get Takeshi's Castle, tucked away on Challenge, the all-game show network. It does have a british commentary on it - provided by Craig Charles, oddly enough. It's better than Television Scrabble.

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