Friday, July 09, 2004

MESSING WITH THE CLASSICS: We were flicking through the music channels last night when we happened upon The Box playing Lou Reed. Which would normally be a little like finding your grandfather co-presenting with Johnny Vaughan, but as we listened, it became clear that something was very, very wrong. Apparently, in a bid to interest the young people with their Bratz Dolls and Wayne Rooney haircuts in the grumpiest man in rock, they've decided to remixc Satellite of Love. Although "remix" is being somewhat over generous - added some dicky late 80s dance toss over the top, so that the original is ruined and the "new" version never actually makes any sense - it's like putting uPVC windows into a Charles Rennie Mackintosh house. It doesn't create a new house, just makes the old one look rubbish. Kneecapping is too good for some people.


Anonymous said...

Surprisingly, the Lou remix is approved by teh great man himself - an interview in a recent Attitude magzine confirms this - he loves dance music, andhas plans for more. I have a sneaking liking for the new one anyway...

Simon said...

I take it you've not heard former page 3 girl Ebony (yes), backed by Dario G under some other name, doing a dance cover of Psycho Killer. Point somewhat missed, I suspect.

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