Thursday, July 29, 2004

NOT QUITE THE SAVIOUR OF RADIO ONE: A whole heap of new radio audience figures are out - although approach them with caution as they are from Rajar's stickers and felt-tip methods. Amongst the headlines: Radio 2 is now more popular than ever, with Johnnie Walker pulling five million in at drive time; Radio 1 has lost a few more, but is only 10,000 down overall. The Chris Moyles Brekfast Show has lost about a third of the new audience he brought in for the first quarter - down 140,000, but those people who are tuning in listen for longer. Zane Lowe, on the other hand, has added 200,000 for the period. Oddly, that's the same number of people who've deserted the Capital Breakfast show since Johnny Vaughan took over. And, even more spookily, the size of the total audience claimed for 6Music.

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