Thursday, July 08, 2004

ROBERT REDFORD - A TRUE GENTLEMAN: We can only presume its his breeding and innate politeness that leads him to gush over the acting talents of Jennifer Lopez - although, as we typed the word "gush" there, a second plausible explanation did pop into our minds:

"She's a very good actress. What, are they going to blame her for that film [Gigli]? I didn't pay any attention to that. All I know is what I saw when I worked with her. She's a natural talent. Fortunately, that's what I connected with."

We haven't seen Gigli - in common with nearly the entire population of the planet, oddly enough - but we have seen Lopez attempts to act in various pop videos, Maid in Manhattan and all those films which Channel 4 tries to sneak out when it thinks nobody's watching, in which she usually plays a beautiful cop. And we wouldn't say she absolutely stinks - she can deliver a line, she knows how to move on camera - but she never comes over as anything other than Jennifer Lopez. Which is a major hurdle for any actor, surely? Unless in the bits we miss flicking channels idly to see if Darren Betts is doing his scary weatherman bit, each film has some complex explication of exactly why an internationally famous diva has come to be working as a beautiful cop/ beautiful maid/beautiful consort of Robert Redford.

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