Saturday, July 10, 2004

SHE'S NOT BEING DISOBEDIENT, SHE'S ILL: Earlier this week we read someone online banging on about how Britney's current behaviour is following Courtney Love's route to a worrying degree. It's a rubbish comparison, like suggesting that someone trying to slip an Australian five cent piece into the money they give to their newsagent is following in Al Capone's shoes. As if to prove our point, Courtney was due in court on Friday for a hearing related to - give us a moment as we shuffle through a large pile of papers - attacking a woman during the beef she had with her ex boyfriend and manager. She didn't turn up, surfacing instead in hospital with some gynacology crisis. Now, it could be the case that Courtney's got some problem down there - it wouldn't be that unlikely, more people have passed through that entrance than the gateway to Disneyland - but we can't help feel the timing is a little lucky for her. During the court case her lawyer had attempted to explain her non-appearance away as being due to confusion over if she was meant to be there or not; the judge gave that claim the contempt you'd expect. It'll be interesting to see if the hospitalisation is either genuine or enough to get her off the hook.

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