Thursday, July 29, 2004

THE SMILING VIPERS: Snappish Thoughts has got a cease and desist from the BPI. The almost funny bit is they're complaining about the presence of The Pogue's Birmingham Six on his server. Since we doubt if the BPI - even Matt Phillips, the BPI yammer-man who could be one of Busted - have a sense of irony, we're putting it down to coincidence that chose to throw their legal weight about over a track that details a miscarriage of justice.


Simon said...

Furthermore, why Ian Snappish's now one a week rather than, say, the many mp3 blogs that are posting advance tracks and the like for the same amount of time and getting quite a bit of industry publicity for doing so? Not that I want any of them to shut, obviously, but it's an odd one.

Snappish wasn't/isn't even posting them on a UK server, is/was it?

Anonymous said...

Heh, yes, I was amused by them picking that song out of all the ones I've made available.

I was posting them on a UK server, which might explain why they got to me rather than some of the others; many seem to be using or something similar.

I've taken the songs down, but in a fit of pique, reconfigured my firewall to deny any connections from their IP address. Not much of a gesture, but it made me feel better after a rather bad afternoon...

Tomorrow: non-BPI songs!


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