Thursday, July 08, 2004

YES, IT MUST BE HARD BEING AT THE CENTRE OF THINGS... WHAT'S YOUR NAME AGAIN?: Mel C is quitting London because she's sick of being just outside ("in") the limelight. Sporty Spice and her boyfriend Thomas Starr are off to the Wye Valley because, says Now magazine, she's fed up with all the parties and premieres and showbiz dos in London. Mel, we know it's hurtfull all those things going on under your nose and not being even innvited to be civillian side of the purple rope, but you just have to try and put it behind you.

Incidently, we're not sure who this Thomas Starr actually is - we tried googling for a picture and this was all we found:

Well, dating him would certainly stop rumours.

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