Tuesday, July 06, 2004

YOU'RE A VERY NICE YOUNG MAN, YOUNG, MAN: Will 'I never set out to be a gay role model' Young is hoping that he might be able to help teenagers come out, as he figures that being fancied by the nation's mothers will make it easier - the mothers will think "well, maybe my gay son will bring Will back to tea", he believes.


One: Since when did all the nation's mothers fancy you, Will?
Two: It's hard enough for teenagers to accept their sexuality - rubbing it in that "apart from anything else, Will Young is gay" is just going to make it even worse. Dammit, I'd feel like topping myself if someone told me I used the same toothpaste as Will Young
Three: Mothers who would be otherwise horrified by the prospect of their son being gay may, indeed, daydream of him bringing Will Young back for tea. It's not going to stop them having a problem with you rimming him, is it?
Four: How gay are you anyway, Will? Victoria Beckham spent a couple of days in Peru, it doesn't make her Paddington Bear. You don't seem very comfortable with the actual mechanics of being gay; it's all "ooh, yes, I'm of the gay, since you ask" but your public personna is much, much more asexual. In that sense, you're a rubbish role model for gays; you're a bit like the fudge you get in the church, where you can be gay, providing you don't actually do any homosexuality, in the same way that I've got a membership card for Liverpool City Library but haven't taken any books out. You seem to suggest that it's fine, providing you keep you all quiet. That's not really going to be very much use for a young ald growing up in a hostile family, is it?

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