Wednesday, August 11, 2004

HAIL THE CALE: There's something new on the way from John Cale - a man who has worked with Lou Reed and has survived to tell the tale, which is an achievement in itself. The new album is out at the start of next month, but there's a stream [RealPlayer] of first single Things hanging about on the internet if you're curious.


Paul said...

Except "Things" was on his last album, "Hobo Sapiens", from October 6, 2003 (according to Amazon). Come to think of it the track was on one of those "best of 2003" CDs on some mag or other, Uncut I think.

So, while it's nice to hear some Cale, it's not new Cale.

simon h b said...

Ah... yes - 'new' to Americans only, of course: apprently it's taken nearly a year for them to get round to releasing it there...

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