Sunday, August 08, 2004

THE MIGHTY HAND OF COMMERCE: We're happy that Billboard considered the death of Rick James worthy of a newsflash email. We're a little less impressed that they thought it would be appropriate to add a sponsorship credit on the email:

Funk Legend Rick James Found Dead

Funk legend Rick James was found dead today at 9:45 a.m. PT this morning
at his Los Angeles home by a caretaker, according to a police
spokesperson. He was 56. The cause of death was believed to be natural.
The artist had a history of drug problems that led to poor health in
recent years, including a 1998 stroke.

Go to for the complete story:


------------------------------- SPONSOR ------------------------------
Baja Blast is a drink only available at Taco Bell. Baja Blast is
Mountain Dew blasted with Tropical Lime. Baja Blast is NOT a giant
wave or a seismic force from the ocean created by aliens to produce
the most killer surf ever. Or is it?

Classy, Billboard. We know it must have cost a couple of cents to send out the mass email, but couldn't you have held back the advertising at least until people had visited your site?

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