Tuesday, August 10, 2004

THE ROAD TO RECORD RELEASE SCHEDULES IS PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS: We always felt slightly nauseous when Geri Halliwell popped up last year telling kids not to let themselves buckle under the weight of other people's body demands:

"Some people are naturally thin and some people are naturally heavier. It doesn't mean that bigger is healthier, or much thinner is healthier, it's on an individual basis. What we see in magazines or in everyday life doesn't matter.
The most important thing is how you feel on the inside.
I got better because someone before me taught me how to eat properly. She put her hand in mine and, equally, for someone watching, I'm putting my hand in theirs. Learning from others is important when it's not working for yourself.
I really don't want to pass judgement on any of those diets. I've had many years of yo-yo dieting, but thankfully for the last two and half years, I have not been on a diet.
My body has done what it's done. Diets don't work for me.

Newsround, 25-9-03

Because having milked the "oh, I have an eating disorder" thread of press attention for all it was worth, now she's actually about to stick a record out, it seems she's forgotten her own "valuable life lessons":

SOMETHING clearly stands out about Geri Halliwell here...that beaming grin lighting up her face.
And the singer has plenty to smile about after getting back the fabulous figure that once adorned millions of bedroom walls.
Geri looked tanned and healthy yesterday as she celebrated her 32nd birthday with mum Anna-Marie at a restaurant in Holland Park, London.
It's a far cry from two years ago when the yoga-obsessed star was painfully thin. And a veteran of yo-yo diets, she once endured taunts for being chubby.
But it seems she's found a shape she's happy with. A friend said: "Geri feels great. It's written all over her face."
Record bosses urged her to get fitter for a promo drive to launch her first CD and single in three years. She clearly listened.

Daily Mirror, 7-8-04

Sure, it's great to give press interviews about how you shouldn't feel pressured into having a certain body shape, but, hey, you need to get into a bikini if you want to release a record...

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