Saturday, August 14, 2004

WHY BJORK?: What was the thought process that lead the Greeks to choose Bjork to do the song at the Olympic Opening Ceremony? I suppose it's tricky to find someone to fill the shoes of what is probably the most overblown event in the world, but even so... Bjork? On this basis, it'll be Amy Whinehouse doing the 2016 opening song. We're far from convinced that there's any need for there to be a single popstar doing a song at all in the middle of the spectacle - it's like Elaine Paige doing a song in the middle of the Two Ronnies back in the 1970s; it all interrupts the flow a little and whoever you choose, they're always going to look a little out of place. More music, more bands - perhaps; but just the one? It makes no sense.

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