Sunday, September 05, 2004

ALL THAT PRESS COVERAGE... IT'S LIKE BEING IN THE ROYAL FAMILY: We chuckled quietly to ourselves as our regular mail-out from Girls Aloud warned us to be prepared for a press onslaught:

The Girls are all over the press in the coming weeks as they gear up for the release of Love Machineí on 13th September. Catch em in:

Company - 8th September
I Love Pop - 15th September

Erm, and that's it. Hardly all over the place, is it?

And yet: they seem to have neglected to mention a rather high-profile appearance: FHM have gone to the trouble of doing this:

It's possibly the sharpest example of attempts to segment the market - using the same band to sell into the young girls who read I Love Pop and the men who love the other sort of pop in FHM. It's a tricky route to walk.

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