Monday, September 20, 2004

ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER TARGET: Well, having got the attack on Pop Idol out the way, Alex Kapranos is at least moving on to more demanding targets: he's now had a pop at Sting for being divorced from reality. Kapranos has expressed disbelief that Sting has to be in a tower surrounded by candles to need to write songs. To be honest, we reckon that that's to be encouraged rather than disparaged: we like the idea of Sting being in a tower surrounded by naked flames, and would suggest that he spends more time trying to become inspired in just that way. Possibly wearing parafin shoes.

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Paul said...

That and, well you know, an art student complaining about someone else's distance from reality makes the mind boggle at the irony of it all. Not that I want to defend Sting, far from it, but I think Alex should just shut up for a while.

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