Sunday, September 12, 2004

APPEARING IN VISIONS? SHE REALLY DOES THINK SHE'S THE OTHER FREAKING MADONNA: People are supposedly spotting Madonna selling overpriced water and schmuck-priced pieces of string to passers-by:

A source tells internet blog THE JEWLICIOUS, "My friend TZVI reported the first Madonna sighting of the Holiday season. Just after midnight last night he was stepping out of the home of an actual Kabbalist in the old city he saw a man and woman walking down Rehov Shonei Halachot.
The woman, dressed in layered, flowery Israeli-hippy style dress, was clearly recognized as the Material-turned-Spiritual Girl herself as she passed him by. The man seemed to be a bodyguard. They were, we think, on the way to the Kotel to pray."

Hmm. Somehow, we're not buying it. But it's a beautiful dream.

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