Saturday, September 18, 2004

BACK TO THE ACTING, THEN, DAN?: Ooh, after a long drought, the work's really pouring in for Dannii Minogue - she's got an advert for a car (sorry, she's "one of the four celebrity faces of Mercedes"), someone has given her the money to make another album and now, she's signed up to appear in a movie. Apparently, it's a "Sixth Sense style thriller from the Four Weddings and a Funeral team", which sounds like a parody from the Alexei Sayle show - like Merchant Ivory's remake of the Fly. Anyway, Dannii's really excited, flicking through her diary:

"The film has such a brilliant script and it looks like it's definitely going ahead, just as I start promoting my new album at the start of next year."

So... you'll be needing to do the filming just as you're also going to be expected to do signings in Woolworths? That's great planning.

We also liked the "film insider" who clearly couldn't quite believe she'd been put up for this role:

"She is quite apprehensive as she will be working with some of the most respected people in the industry but she has done a lot of TV work and they're convinced she has the talent and looks to carry off the part."

The words "and I'm sure they know what they're doing" seem not to have survived the editing.

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