Wednesday, September 22, 2004

... AND NEXT WEEK, TED NUGENT ON GUN CONTROL: Hats off to MTV, choosingChristina Aguilera to host a programme about sex for teenagers. Christina's taking it seriously, preparing to come on like Clare Rayner in a push-up bra and edible crotchless panties:

"Every year one in four sexually active teens gets a sexually transmitted disease" warns Christina.

Presumably the other three are split between her and Paris Hilton. She's got some other figures, too:

"More than one in three young women gets pregnant before aged 20, almost always by accident."

I think rather than "almost always by accident" you mean "always through sex", don't you, Christina? We're not entirely convinced that an unplanned pregnancy and an accidental pregnancy are quite the same thing - one, surely, is an educated risk and the other is a sloppily-applied condom - but we do applaud MTV's balls in putting Christina up to front a show which is basically calling for exual absitence. Kind of like getting the Pilsbury Dough boy to front up a telethon to promote a sponsored fast.

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