Thursday, September 09, 2004

BUT SOME OF US WANT TO BE ABUSED: Yes, yes, Alex Kapranos, we know some bands take advantage of groupies, but that's no reason for Franz Ferdinand to have an all-out ban on groupie action:

"We are really not into the whole sex thing with groupies.
For starters we've all got girlfriends and Paul (the drummer) is married, Nick (guitarist) has just got engaged.
We're all quite romantic guys and prefer real love rather than spending some time with someone we've never met before. I've seen a lot of guys in bands around young girls and I think all that stuff can get a bit ugly.
There are a lot of girls out there who get very starstruck and you see this horrible, cold manipulation going on. A lot of guys in bands completely take the piss out of young girls who are completely starstruck.
I see it as a form of abuse that I find absolutely repellent. We're not an unfriendly band - it's always nice to meet people after the shows.
I always think if someone has made all this effort to come to see you, you should meet them after the shows. But with that we try to avoid the gangs of sycophants you often find hanging around bands and everything that goes with it."

If we were cynical, we'd suggest this means 'why shag a scabby groupie when you can afford decent hookers' but... sigh, they're just incredibly mannered, aren't they?

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