Sunday, September 12, 2004

CAN RE-DO: Monster Movie, Tago Mago, Ege Bamyasi and Soundtracks, four selections from the Can back catalogue are being re-released in a remastered format. Oh, and with new sleeve notes, as well. Yes.


Anonymous said...

No No No.

Four absolutely magnificent albums. Already available on CD. Already sound great. Why do we need them to be re-released?

Sad to see another legendary band (and this time one with control over their own stuff too...) jump on the "remaster it and flog it to 'em one more time" bandwagon.

Oooh. New sleeve notes !!! Whoopee-shit.

You want to read about Can, go buy "The Can Book" - it's grate.

Surprised they haven't gone for the bonus CD of album era outtakes with each one - at least that would be something...

Are all those weird solo albums and operas leaving the bank balance a little low, gentlemen ?


Anonymous said...

...and especially considering your comments below about re-issues. Is it okay to do this if the band is way cool then? Well, duh, obviously...



simon h b said...

But... but... that was almost a comment free piece, apart from what i think you've taken to be an enthused 'yes' which was actually a slightly underwhelmed one...

Anonymous said...

Okay, fair enough, but if you're not passing comment on it, surely just printing the information is sufficient to be considered an endorsement, no?



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