Friday, September 24, 2004

DOWN TO WORTHING, AND LIVE THERE: There's been a kerfuffle over the Ordinary Boys feature in this week's NME, in which the Boys show the paper round their home town of Brighton. Because they actually come from Worthing. The NME reading residents of Worthing are up are in arms (although we're not sure how many people in Worthing actually fit the NME demographic) and to make ammends, the Boys have been insisting they love Worthing really, and it's all the beastly NME's fault:

"NME asked us to do the story - we would have been silly not to. It's sad it makes us look rubbish for doing that.
Growing up in Worthing made me who I am. I would not want to be part of a Brighton scene but everyone in Worthing accepts you go to Brighton for your big night out. It is part of what makes Worthing what it is. But we could not have written the album if we were from Brighton."

This probably has to be the most upsetting issue of NME in history, then, what with making Robert Music cry and now the Boys are all upset. To make ammends, Preston went round with the Evening Argus pointing out his favourite places in Worthing - a trip which must have taken all of two minutes, unless they included the small Woolworths in Broadwater as well as the pier. We just hope there won't be trouble that he gave the interview to the Brighton local paper instead of the Worthing Herald.

FWIW: Worthing played a major role in our musical life. We bought our first album - Parallel Lines - with a Christmas Gift Voucher in the Boots in Worthing.

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