Wednesday, September 22, 2004

THE FAMILY THAT RIPS MAMMALS TO PIECES TOGETHER, ERM, DOESN'T ACTUALLY STAY TOGETHER: So, we already knew Bryan was fond of a spot of fox hunting - dressing up like a tit and listening to an intelligent creature making blood curdling noises no challenge for someone who's worked with Brian Eno. Isaac Ferry got kicked out of Eton for sending threatening messages to someone who actually likes animals. Otis Ferry was one of the yahoos who broke into Parliament last week to try and determine British law by the use of threat and coercion. The only person missing, so far, from this Happy Families set was Mum. But now Lucy Ferry, Bryan's ex-wife, has been given a conditional discharge for taking part in last week's thuggish displays outside parliament. And, good news for a future society wedding, Jackie Coward, Otis' girlfriend, has also pleaded guilty to obstructing the highway, just like Mrs. Ferry.

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