Tuesday, September 21, 2004

FIGHT BUSH... IN YORKSHIRE: We wonder how many of those red-jacketed types who were so worried last week about tradition and country ways will turn up at Fylingdales on Saturday to join the protests about the use of the base as part of America's Stratgeic "Defence" Initiative - basically, the Bush adminsitration's idea is to try and protect America by making Yorkshire a much more attractive target for nuclear devices. Amongst those who will be there are Kat Hudson and Thom Yorke - this is what Thom has to say:

"im planning a trip to fylingdales anybody want to come? its a nice place. they have big domes and stuff. its up north. and im down south. bring a sandwich. i think they are planning world domination there or something.

"its the 25th. thats also a saturday. what should i say. i dont want to be rude. but they are about to announce star wars.."

Punctuation Thom's own, of course.

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