Monday, September 06, 2004

GOTHS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN: Of course, people have long suspected that, a quick dye job to qualify apart, the only connection most of the suicide girls have with 'goth' is that's how their parents told them to pronounce the game they play at St Andrews. It seems to have been confirmed now that they've invented a new type of goth to accomodate their needs - Darkwave - or 'cheerful goth', if you will. Nixon Suicide, one of the "girls" who will jiggle their breasts for you, is trilling that goth "is definitely funner [sic] now." Obviously, there's been a gap in the market identified for people who want to dress in black but who aren't in mourning for their lives. And since the punks on Suicidegirls are allowed to miss the point of their chosen genre so spectacularly, why shouldn't the faux-Goths be allowed the same freedoms?

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Joe said...

Hasn't the term 'darkwave' been around for a while?

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