Friday, September 10, 2004

IF EVER THE PHRASE 'IT'S NOT THE TIME' WAS APT: You would have thought that plans for holding a "terror concert" with a singing "suicide bomber" in Moscow right now would be something even Tatu's dirty old man Ivan Shapovalov would be reconsidering. But he's planning to push ahead with the debut of nATo tomorrow - September 11th, do you see? Shapovalov is playing dumb, of course:

But while he admits that his protegee is supposed to look like a suicide bomber, Shapovalov doesn’t see why people are upset. “If people are scared by a woman wearing a black headscarf, that means they are sick themselves,” Izvestia quoted him as saying.

Which is a quote which doesn't really make any sense at all - apart from anything, surely nobody's actually scared of Nato, more pissed off at the insensitivity?

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