Monday, September 06, 2004

KAY FORCED INTO THE PARKING ZONE: After doing 100mph on the A9, Jay Kay has been banned from driving for six months. You'll recall that his original defence was that, since he wasn't driving a sports car, he had no choice but to speed. He also added, for good measure, that he he holds an advanced driving licence and does "take road safety seriously." We're not sure if he was implying that he's such an excellent driver he should be allowed to drive how he likes, but it cut no leeway with the judge. His solicitor tried to persuade the court not to take away Jay's licence:

"He has a house in Gairloch which is a hideaway from a very busy professional life. An international life. His ability to drive and to get away for respite from time to time, when he can, is very important to him. He deeply regrets having to appear here, but here he is."

Apart from the universal that "please take pity on him, with his jet-set star-studded lifestyle" is a lame thing to lay on a court - "he needs his car to jetset" is hardly on a par with "he needs it to drive his limbless sick child to hospickle" - the fact that Kay had picked up another three penalty points in July didn't help a great deal, either.

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