Friday, September 24, 2004

MAKE YOU AN OFFER YOU CAN REALLY REFUSE: Would you like to go clothes shopping with DeLaSoul? Now your dream can come true - they're auctioning a trip to the shops with band. If that sounds kinda dull, it gets worse, as the small print makes clear:

In support of their new album The Grind Date and their new single “Shopping Bags”, legendary hip hop group De La Soul is auctioning off the opportunity for a fan to accompany them on a clothes shopping trip at some of their favorite stores around New York City.

Winner of the auction must be based in New York City and be available for the trip on the afternoon of Monday, September 27th. Winner must be willing to provide their own money for transportation, shopping or any other personal expenses that may occur during the trip. Also, winner must be willing to have the entire experience photographed and documented for an article in VIBE Magazine. All money from the winning bid will be donated to a charity of De La Soul's choice.

So, from the top then: it's a promo for their new single that they expect you to pay them to be part of (okay, they're going to give the money the auction raises to charity, but even so: you're paying to help them promote their single). It's like they're asking you to pay for a billboard.

And not only are they not buying you anything on the trip, they're expecting you to pay for all your expenses - doubtless they'll be out the cab down Fifth Avenue quick as you like, leaving you to fumble in your purse to pay for the cab. So... what exactly are you getting for you cash? A bunch of old blokes hanging about as you go round the shops is what it seems to us - you know what? You can go on a shopping trip with my Dad if you like. It'd be just as much fun.

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