Tuesday, September 28, 2004

POOR MICROSOFT: As it prepares to fight the EC ruling that it detaches Windows Media Player from the Windows Operating System, Microsoft is claiming that it will suffer "irreparable damage" if the original EC ruling stands. Which is utter bollocks, of course - what it's facing is losing its position to exert monopolistic control over the digital media market, which, erm, is exactly the point of the Commission's ruling. It's hardly likely to bring Microsoft to its knees, and it's absolutely absurd to suggest it will. We're expecting their presentation to show people logging on to Linux machines and screaming "Is this what you want? A world without extra coffee breaks when your system collapses? Is it? IS IT?" In another part of Microsoft's wailings, it claims it's had to spend millions and millions creating a version of Windows without WMP built-in. Yeah? Well, if you hadn't wedged it in the middle of the operating system, all you'd have to have done was a quick delete, surely?

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