Thursday, September 23, 2004

PUZZLING MOVE: Since it's already clear that Sony's ATRAC format is about as popular with consumers as having an ostrich forced up their shower drains, the company are starting to realise they may have buggered by their attempts to challenge the iPod by insisting their players will only play ATRAC tunes. So now, Sony have decided that some of their players might cope with that there MP3, too. It's a mainly pointless move - why not allow all of them to play MP3s? Isn't 'some' confusing? And it's now made the Sony Connect store even more of a lame duck: the only people who would have had any interest in buying tracks in the format were people who'd inadvertently discovered that otherwise, their expensive Sony Walkman wouldn't play anything at all. There's going to be fewer of them around soon, too. Do Sony actually have a strategy, or are they choosing their direction from a giant blue tombola in the company HQ every morning?

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