Friday, September 24, 2004

THE RIAA: GENEROUS TO A FAULT: Time to check in again on how the RIAA - the most moral organisation in the world - is getting on making ammends for having ripped off American consumers for years. You'll recall that the organisation had been so busy lecturing people about stealing music off the internet they'd forgotten not to rape consumers at the checkout. As part of the settlement, they agreed to distribute free CDs to libraries. As we've heard before, they're not being exactly straight about it, though, and it's not getting any better: Cape May County library has been lumbered with eighteen copies of Christina Aguilera's Christmas Album and a bunch of "third-rate classical recordings." They're not alone:

According to a newsletter Library Hotline, some libraries have refused to accept the donations and other libraries were facing the same situation that Martin reported: “57 copies of ‘Three Mo’ Tenors,’” “39 copies of ‘Yolanda Adams Christmas’” and “34 copies of the Bee Gees’ ‘This Is Where I Came In.’”

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Anonymous said...

I go to the Cape May County Library. Woo.
- Claire

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