Tuesday, September 21, 2004

ROCK SICK LIST: Or, rather, getting better: Shirley Manson has been on a course of iron pills. Prior to that, she'd be diagnosed with suffering from pica, a disease related to anaemia. The upsohot of the condition was Shirley Manson was having to fight a compulsion to eat dirt. And gravel. And so on.

She's also signed up to be an organ donor:

'It felt a little strange to fill out a form dictating what doctors can or cannot pillage from my cold lifeless body when I quit this mortal coil. I felt pretty good although it was such an easy thing to do and took so little time and effort I confess it was a little spooky. I wonder if there's a similar organisation in America in case I don't drop in my homeland? I want my precious parts to be nice and fresh in someone else's body.'

Form an orderly queue, people.

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