Wednesday, September 15, 2004

SOME VERY GOOD BUYS HAVE BEEN TESTED AND TRIED/ IN THIS MONTH'S EDITION/ OF WHICH? MAGAZINE: The Consumer's Assocation have pointed out one of those simple truths, that iTunes users in the UK are paying more than iTunes users elsewhere, and concluded that, basically, we're being ripped off. As we suggested a while back, the CA reckon this could actually be illegal under EU rules. Apple - who are really taking to this being a record label business - are having none of it:

"The underlying economic model in each country has an impact on how we price our track downloads," an Apple spokeswoman told BBC News ONline. "That's not unusual - look at the price of CDs in the US versus the UK. We believe the real comparison to be made is with the price of other track downloads in the UK."

The price of CDs in the UK are kept artificially high by a dubious music industry cartel, Apple spokeswoman. And what, exactly, does "the underlying economic model" mean? Other than "if we can rape the brits, we will"?

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