Tuesday, September 21, 2004

STIPE STREAMS: The new REM album is going to be thrown out for audiograbbing through a collaboration with myspace.com - there's no actually need to join the poor man's Orkurt to hear the album, apparently. MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe - we wish we knew him, we'd love to greet his entry into the office by going "It's De-wolf!" every time - is cagey about who's paying who for this event:

"Our site is supported by advertising," he said. "But there will be times that a music company will pay for advertising, and there are times when we will do business development deals."

So, we're taking that as a hint that MySpace aren't being paid a bean for this, although they're not doing badly out of it, we guess. And, of course, it keeps the adverts from Atkins diet comapnies rolling, rolling in... - the site seems riddled with diet adverts.

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