Monday, September 13, 2004

SWAMPY DRAINED: The death of Wane Swampy Jarvis was a bit of a blow to his wife and daughter - although an Australian music legend, Jarvis hadn't exactly made a pile during his life, and had only fifty four dollars to his name when he died. Picking themselves up, his widow Kerrie and daughter gathered together a collection of memoribilia and held an auction; in the process, they managed to raise $65,000 - enough to allow them to live in relative comfort. Except the trustees for Jarvis' estate then turned up and took the lot. They felt that since Jarvis had died a bankrupt, they deserved the money - even although the items his family had been selling hadn't actually belonged to him, and weren't actually part of the estate at all. Indeed, some of the items didn't even have any connection to Jarvis at all. Kerrie plans to try and get her money back from the "trustees" of Wane's estate, but she's already expecting to see the cash disappear in legal fees, even if she is successful.

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