Sunday, September 26, 2004

SWEET BABY JESUS: It's been a couple of years since James Taylor's last record, October Road. Some of you might find it surprising that he's decided to make a comeback with a Christmas album. All of you, I'm certain, will be shocked to hear that the james Taylor Christmas album will only be available in Hallmark shops, alongside schmaltzy cards and last year's beanie babies.

It's not a totally bonkers concept - Taylor is between labels at the moment, so we're writing this off to an interesting way of testing out alternative routes to market. We wonder if John Kennedy will be popping in to pick up a copy alongside his Christmas Globes and plastic santas for his IFPI office?

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K-Diggy said...

I worked at this cajun tourist trap in Jax brewery in New Orleans. They used to start playing Christmas songs the day after Thanksgiving. Zydeco Christmas songs. One zydeco Christmas CD, over and over, from open til close. By the time goddamn Christmas finally came I was beoming psychotic.
Yesterday I went to see "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow." There was a display for some Christmas movie with Tony Soprano, Kelly Bundy and the mom from "Home Alone." What an abortion.
Christmas blows.

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