Wednesday, September 15, 2004

TALK ABOUT BUMPING UP THE INSURANCE CLAIM: We're not entirely sure where Ananova get the idea that the Natasha Bedingdfield songs stolen when her laptop got "pinched" at Heathrow are worth "millions" to her - we doubt if it's really worth more than laptop itself, to be frank. And we're not sure what the problem is - can't she just get whoever wrote them to fax over new copies?

A source told The Sun: "Natasha thought the computer would be safe in her luggage. But when she opened the suitcase she found it was missing - she's devastated."

Right. How old is she? Does she still believe in the tooth fairy, Santa and Bono as well as the security offered by two elastic straps with your initials on them and a little golden padlock? Who on earth checks their laptop? What was in her hand luggage that was more important? "I'll check my laptop with all my songs on, as I'll really need to have three cans of chicken soup and a copy of A Suitable Boy with me?" - or did she just have Irridium ingots to transport?

A music industry source told The Sun: "She is the biggest name to hit the charts in years. The material on that computer could be worth millions.

What sort of "music industry source" is this? I mean, she's quite popular but "the biggest name to hit the charts in years"? She's not even the biggest name from the Beddingfield family to hit the charts in years. And if the songs are really worth millions, why didn't she make a back-up?

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