Friday, September 17, 2004

THAT COULD BE ABOUT ITS PRICE POINT: Stelios out of Easyjet has apparently agreed terms with Wippit which would see them offering EasyMusic downloads. If they keep to what they're suggesting, it could be the first download service in the world to actually charge a fair price - although the structure of "from 25p" is a bit hazy. Most Easyventures vary their price according to demand - as the jets and buses fill up, the prices rise, but since it's effectively the same delivering the first download of a Death in Vegas remix as it is delivering the thousandth download of REM, quite how the system will apply to mp3s isn't clear.

Also: they've been promising us Easypizza in Milton Keynes for ages, but we've not had so much as a garlic dough ball out of them yet.


easy said...

easyPizza opened long ago and has nothing to do with stelios

pizza delivery said...

why do people think that everything easy has to be stelios?

simon h b said...

Yes, Easy, easypizza did open a long time ago - and, if you'll note, this post was made back in 2004, before it did.

And why does everyone think easyPizza has something to do with Stelios? Erm... because it's something to do with Stelios. The fact its painted orange, there being a pizza called the ElStel on the menu, the press release when it was launched:

The easyGroup is launching easyPizza on Friday 17 December and the first easyPizza delivery service is based in Milton Keynes. Pizza is being served from 5pm in the easyCinema in Milton Keynes for those that want to try a slice of the easyPizza range. Stelios will also be present on Friday to deliver personally the first easyPizza to his first customer. He will then be addressing the local branch of Open University MBA's at easyCinema for those who want an update on extending the 'easy' brand.

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