Thursday, September 30, 2004

WE KNOW WHAT THEY MEAN, BUT...: We were interested to learn from the good people at Contact Music that Brighton is not only homosexual, but apparently it's replaced London as the capital - clearly Blair loved the place:

Dance music star FATBOY SLIM is regularly visited by naked gay men at his English beach home. The PRAISE YOU star, who lives in Britain's homosexual capital, Brighton, often finds nudist gay men occupying his stretch of private beach.

We presume they mean that Brighton is the gay capital of Brighton. Not sure where they've got the idea that Norman Cook has a private stretch of beach, though...


Anonymous said...

He does have a bit of beach actually. I've only ever seen, well, perhaps 2 naked people on there ever. Neither of them were myself, I should point out.

The bit of beach where "it all happens" is a bit further along...

(FBS enginner/mixing/excutive producer type)

simon h b said...

Really? I didn't know there was any stretch of the beach at Brighton which was in private hands - I'm presuming it's not cordoned off or anything?

Anonymous said...

Well, ok, technically it's in Hove, and only just about still in Hove too. I realise you know the area round here..... it's got groins either side of it, it's on a whole stretch of little beaches that are 'owned' by people (isn't there a thing that the Queen actually owns all the beaches anyway...still)


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