Wednesday, September 22, 2004

WEMBLEY... ARE YOU READY TO ROCK? I SAID WEMMMBERLEY, ARE YOU READY TO ROCK? LOOK, COULD YOU PLEASE TURN THAT BLOODY CEMENT MIXER OFF, I'M TRYING TO MAKE MYSELF HEARD: Ah, the new Wembley, that triumph of British can-do and planning that should have been open years ago and cost a third as much as it will - what will this bright symbol of the new Britain call upon to mark its birth? To demonstrate to the world that we are a nation that still has much to give, that we're not really a bunch of old geezers sitting on some mined-out rocks desperately retailing faded glories of old? How about a gig by the Rolling Stones. That'll do it.

The one piece of soothing balm is, for the Stones to be the first band at the new Wembley, they'll have to finish building it before they die. Not much chance of that, really.

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