Thursday, September 16, 2004

WORDS TO CHILL THE BLOOD: Apparently, in the aftermath of the Glastonbury disaster and the scrapping of the album, Liam Gallagher has tried to help by writing 50 new songs for the Oasis album. Judging by his 'you and your toys/make some noise' standards of the past, this must be hearterning news for Noel. Noel has also written some songs, not quite as many, but from an equal point of self-delusion:

"One of the songs on there The Importance Of Being Idle is one of the best tunes I have ever written. It is The Kinks meets The La's. It is blinding."

NB: Noel was equally convinced of the greatness of the first set of songs they produced for this album, until they had been played to people.

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