Wednesday, September 08, 2004

YES, THAT'LL MAKE THEM FEEL BETTER: As if the hypocrisy rating on 'Imagine' hadn't been tested to the limit - written by Lennon, now being covered by Madonna on her current tour, she's now taken to dedicating the song to Russia following the Beslan massacre. Yes, that'll help, Madonna. Madonna flashed large pictures of "war and children" onto the screens behind her and urged gig-goers to think about "what happened in Russia and Lennon's lyrics." You might also want to think about a woman charging hundreds of quid for a gig ticket lecturing people about imagining no posessions, or the woman currently forcing la-la-Kabbalah down everyone's throats singing about imagining no heaven and no religion, too, or the woman who has had a large swathe of the British countryside ruled out of bounds to the common folk insisting we picture a brotherhood of man; or, indeed, if there is any spiritual message at all in Imagine which has been licensed to Peel Holdings to promote its airport on Merseyside.

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