Friday, September 17, 2004

YOU'VE DONE TOO MUCH, MUCH TOO YOUNG: Apparently, Britney wants to "try for a baby" on her wedding night - although, from our understanding of it, she's already been getting a lot of practice in. She says she wants to be "a young mother" (although, as she's 22, round our way there's a quite a few girls who'd already be preparing for grandmotherhood by her age). It's understandable that she'd want to get gravid on the wedding night, mind, as her previous experience of marriage would have persuaded her of the need to rish these things. She's been talking of her love for Kevin:

"When you are in love and you know that then you should go for it. I was into too much before and now Kevin is just one of those people that makes me go 'Huh'."

Yeah, he made us go "Huh?", too, followed by "How's that again?"

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